Aesthetic surgery

A good surgeon knows how to operate
A better surgeon knows when to operate
The best surgeon knows when not to operate
Our face expresses who we are and how we feel, but it should not necessarily show our age. The aestetic surgery can be of interest to people as young as 40. Nowadays you have the option to say “no” to ageing and show that you are young at heart.

At our clinic we offer you a combination of laser treatments (Smartlipo 1064 NdZag and Lasermar 1500 nm), we do skin tightening procedures around the neck area, we help reduce double chins and define jaw lines with S-lift short scar incision and vertical lifting and we correct all kinds of dermatological aging abnormalities.
Zoran Žgaljardić, M.D. Ph.D. ass. prof.
  • specialized maxillofacial surgery
  • specialized plastic surgery of the head and neck
  • general cosmetic surgeon (IBCS)
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