Zagreb clinic

Our beauty concept is to offer the most modern minimally invasive surgical techniques combinig surgical procedures with the latest laser technology and all with one purpose: to provide the desired aesthetic result with painless and fast recovery period.

We perform our procedures in modern operating rooms, monitored postsurgical care with highly professional, educated and recognized medical staff. Our proffessional philosophy is „less is more“.

Donje Svetice 46c
+385 1 245 0667
+385 1 35 35 344

Opatija clinic

Our first clinic for beauty was opened in Opatija - Villa Elite. 
One year ago has been newly renovated and equipped with the latest technology to achieve the highest level of surgical aspirators performance using the latest technologies available to World of laser correction.

We were the first that offered the laser lipolysis on Smartlipo Nd: YAG 1064nm and Lasermar 1500nm in Croatia and still are the leading institution and workshop center in that field We were also the first to introduce radiofrequency in rejuvenation and body reshaping.

We also offer general surgical procedures like operations of inguinal and ventral hernias, laser operations of the veins and other procedures.

Recovery time is much faster and efficiant in well-known destination of medical tourism like Opatija where we can offer You rehabilitaion and medical care in best hotels and appartments.

Nova cesta 46b
+385 51 271065
+385 51 350 530